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Because random photos are more fun than staged ones {days 1-4}

by allison on July 1st, 2011

Well, so far the Road Trip has been fun. I mean, I’d sure rather be doing this then getting a root canal or anything. 😉 Out of all the driving we’ve done, the only thing we took a photo of was a road through a mountain.

We do not have roads through mountains in Texas! I forced everyone to pause their games and phones, and look up at the tunnel. My family thought it wasn’t worth pausing their game, but I thought it was the coolest thing ever! Simple things please simple minds I suppose.

Last year our GPS, affectionately known as Susan, was kidnapped from our car in Beverly Hills. She was never seen again. However, we got a letter last month stating that the perpetrator was caught and was charged with something like 20 felony counts of grand theft, and is now in a prison for about 2 years.

Anyway, the point of this story is that we set up a fake Susan using Ben’s phone and a 99 cent GPS app. Worked okay, but makes checking email and playing games not as much fun.

I wanted to get a picture of each of the kids in the car. Kinsey went into spaz-mode:

This is how Travis looked for 8 straight hours. We fully believe in drugging our children in the car with laptops and computer games. He’s zombie-afied.

Kinsey wanted a picture with Travis. When I said look up and smile, this is how Travis responded:

So I’m all, “okay, one more time. This time smile and look up.” He at least smiled.

Why is taking self-photos so fun? And why do I always look 50 lbs fatter in them??! I wanted a fun photo of Ben and I, and he was totally uncooperative.

Take One: picking nose

Take Two: Hook Em Horns up his nose

Take Three: Digging out eye booger

Take Four: Practicing his jack ass donkey (sorry, gotta keep this pg) moves

Take Five: I have no clue

Take Six: Photo bombed by Kinsey plus a mean face!

Take SEVEN: Srsly?! Did I actually get a decent picture?! Only seven tries!

Boredom in the car makes for fun random picture taking. This one is somewhere in Arkansas.

I looked for Abercrombie & Fitch but couldn’t find it. For anyone who thinks Hollister is “so freakin’ cool!!!!!!”, it’s in the middle of Arkansas. No beaches or sun kissed skin here.

Okay, so after driving from Austin to Dallas, then to Branson, Missouri by way of Oklahoma and Arkansas, we finally made it to Silver Dollar City!

This place is actually so much fun. I totally recommend it to most people.

I asked this guy to take a photo for us. I was very specific and said I wanted “our feet and the top of the ax in the photo”. He snarked off that he was a photographer, so I was all, “well okay then. Double awesome.” This is what we got:

Ax handle cut off!!!!!!!!!! OMG, seriously. Why are complete strangers always the WORST at taking family photos at theme parks?! I swear.

So while we were at SDC we got off the Wildfire roller coaster and of course they usher you through the gift shop at the end of each ride. I about DIED right there in the shop when I saw this hat rack. Unfortch it was NOT for sale, but was merely a display for their shop.

I so want one. And I’m adding it to my bucket list of things to make.

Upside down water spigots. Srsly?! Seriously??!!! Ah-freaking-adorable if you ask me.

Silver Dollar City pretty much has it all. It’s an amusement park set in the 1800’s. There are roller coasters and tons of rides, but they also have great shows, and the best part, tons of little shops that teach you how people lived in the 1800’s. Here Kinsey is stirring the pot that is making all natural lye soap (I got suckered into at least 10 bars. Fo’ shizzle. I bought 10 bars of soap.

Okay, so they have this show with this family who walks on a tight wire. I’d tell you who the family is, but I already forgot their name (it’s kind of weird like Mendel or Wendelle or something), but Oh to the freaking Mygoshhhh, this was the best tight rope show I’ve ever seen. The. Best. Ever.

What is up with me and self photos? I’ve pretty much learned that when I’m the one running the camera, if I want a photo with me in it I have to force it on Ben and make him take one, or just do self photos. Anyway, isn’t my little Trav just so handsome? (Is 9 too old to say he’s so pretty?!)

And of course I needed one with my favorite little girl on the planet. I’m so smitten with this little thang. Love her.

Okay, is this not the best photo of Ben and I ever? Besides the sweat stains and me not wearing makeup? And that I have sunglasses on?! haha. No, for real, I just love how this one turned out. It may or may not have taken about 37 tries for this pose, but dang it, we got a good one!

How quickly would I be turned in to CPS if I brought one of these home with me?! ‘Cause I’m thinking this is a pretty good way to get wiggly kids to just.stop.wiggling.and.sit.still.for.two.seconds.already!

We went to a show while in Branson (well, we really went to three shows) called the Dixie Stampede. It’s pretty much like Medieval Times but instead of knights, it’s with the North and South US armies. Anyway, BEFORE the Dixie Stampede they had a pre-show with jugglers. Speechless. I’m speechless. I know, it rarely happens, but really. These guys; a step-dad and step-son combo, are THE BEST jugglers I’ve seen in my entire life. I was blown away. And the kid? He’s sixteen. For real. 16. He’s practically a baby and is such a rockin’ juggler that he’s traveled the globe and won countless awards. And his step-dad? Anyone who can juggle FOUR ping pong balls out of their MOUTH has my standing ovation.

So of course Travis was mesmerized. And now wants to be a juggler. And insisted that he get his photo taken with the jugglers, namely the 16 year old infant. Travis and him hit if off right away when the infant told Travis that he liked video games ie: Star Craft. Now Travis has a new hero. An infant juggler and video game prodigy.

The next day we hit the theme park again. This photo was taken just moments before Travis decided, at like 50 yards above ground, to wiggle half way out of his rapidly swinging seat to kick an over-grown crepe myrtle. Multiple times. I know, I know, I wanted to kill him myself. But after this happy picture, the day went rapidly downhill when I made him sit out from a ride, and wouldn’t let him do any rides without his mom right next to him. Poor independent kid. Had to ride the baby rides with his mom. I guess he should have not tried to wriggle to his death from a swinging seat.

The kids loved this photo op. Actually, no, they didn’t. We forced them to stop on their way to a ride to have the picture taken. But I love it, so that’s all that counts. I love how Kinsey is gasping.

Proof. Travis’s first kiss. By a real lady. If you can call a Saloon hussie with a gun a real lady.

So Kinsey saw this Okapi Webkinz in the gift shop and totally flipped out. She just had to have it. We thought it was a made-up animal, but nope. Looks like a zeebra and a horse mated. We googled it. It’s a real for real (plush version) of an Okapi. Took us good day and Wikipedia to figure out how to say Okapi.

Pumping her own water. Why can’t she get this excited about vacuuming?

From Branson we went to St Louis and saw the arch (and rode to the top!), then drove to Chicago where we are right now. As soon as I’m not so tired I’ll throw up (ewwww) some photos from St Lewis and also an entire shop off Route 66 that was pretty fun.

And just because I’m thinking about this totally off topic joke right now…

My sister told me a few weeks ago that when she has a kid she’s going to spell it’s name, “s-d-f-h-e-u-i-c-x-w-j, but it’s pronounced, “George”.

Kills me

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  1. kareena Mullens permalink

    There is an okapi in the Houston zoo. Its my oldest daughter’s favorite. It’s tongue is super long and can reach its ears. We’ve spent a long time observing it;) sounds like your adventure is a blast

  2. bestest sister-in-law ever permalink

    Sounds like a ton of fun! Say hi to my favorite little kiddos for me!!

    Anyway, is that “tunnel through a mountain” on the 540 in Arkansas? It looks like good ole Bobby Hopper. 🙂

  3. Tami permalink

    So glad you stopped here in the Lou on your way to Chicago! Have an awesome rest of your trip!!!

  4. Looks like you are having a blast! Building memories that will last forever. Good for you guys! 🙂 Stay safe and have fun!

    (Thanks for the guest post spot too, it was so much fun!)


  5. Condo Blues permalink

    I am a complete sucker for handmade soap. seriously it ‘s like I need a 12 step program but we keep getting dirty and need more soap and keep getting dirty and need more soap…

  6. Looks like you guys are having so much fun! Enjoy!

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