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Route 66 {day 5}

by allison on July 2nd, 2011

I’ve really wanted to update the blog sooner, but I swear, we have not had one.spare.second. But finally, today’s the day I play catch up.

So, last Wednesday we left Branson and headed to St Louis. We saw a sign for Route 66 and figured, “Why not drive it?”

Totally reminded me of Cars. I was really hoping we could meet Tow Mater. Lightening McQueen is way too famous so we figured we wouldn’t see him, but Tow Mater? We were hopeful.

So we’re chugging along when we see a sign for the Worlds Largest Rocking Chair. Not one to miss great pieces of American Culture like the largest rocker, we made yet another detour.

And there you have it. The largest rocker. That doesn’t rock. But all in all it was pretty cool. Not really, but the kids loved it.

The Rocking Chair was obviously built to draw people to this cute little Outpost. Advertising Works! Before we knew it we were in the door buying crap.

The side of the Outpost was painted all 60’s (or is that 50’s?) and was really cool.

My most favorite though was the lawn mowing bicycle… I can tell it’s gotten a lot of good use lately.

It was actually really exciting to be surrounded with all this Route 66 culture. Commercialized culture, but still.

As someone who blogs about Home Decor, I was especially taken with this breathtaking Wilderness Art Home Decor:

I don’t think I’d ever include this painting in the same sentence with “decor”. To each their own!

The Outpost had such a fun array of eclectic Route 66 knickknacks. Why am I always drawn to totally random stupid crap? I swear, I love this stuff.

Pretty Bottles! And their made with pure cane sugar! Who has actually ever heard of Route66 soda? Where is it bottled? No clue. But darn it, it’s pretty! And has real cane sugar!

Large Tacky Metal Route 66 signs for your garage or pool hall…

We bought the Missouri one. {Hanging head in shame}. I guess we should get a few beer signs while we’re at it. And maybe even a neon one!

I use to collect magnets like this. I have a whole huge pile of them. I thought it would be a fun collection. “Thought” being the key word. I’ve since decided that I hate crap, especially chachki crap, so I’ve forbidden any additional themed magnets from coming into the house.

It’s a shame too, because how cute are these little mini magnets?!

A few fun license plates… you know… to go with the aforementioned neon beer signs and metal wall pates for the pool hall.

I totally wanted to get this metal cattle brander. For all the cattle that I have… Or, at least, how fun would it be to brand your steaks before you eat them?!

Truck Antlers. Need I say more?

Now begins the tour of all the really perverted and inappropriate things that my camera is drawn to at Outposts and the like. Why is this tacky stuff so funny?!

The bottom word is not “heap”, it’s “cheap”. This would be such an easy DIY project. Great for any trashy party you may need to go to. Or a white elephant gift. I bet it would steal the show.


I can’t think of anything I’d rather drink hot beverages out of than a mug that looks like a toilet.

It seems like I should be barfing into this cup, not drinking from it.

Finally we left. Fortunately I only brought home all these fun treasures digitally, and not packed in the car. We did purchase a few 20 oz sodas though. We are addicted to stops like this after-all. On our way back to the real freeway we saw a cute little shop that Ben insisted I take a picture of because it had the word “Route 66” on it.

Route 66 actually really was a pretty drive. It made the trip to St Louis a little more fun. And believe it or not, until this Outpost detour, I had no clue Route 66 went through Texas. Cultured is obviously not my middle name.

And then, a few days later we were in Chicago. And as we were walking down the street, we stumbled upon this sign:

We have officially completed our Route 66 tour.

Up next, our stop in St Louis!

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  1. Looks like fun!!! Love the funny stuff you found at the store. Made me laugh!!!!

  2. Olga permalink

    Love all the pics, Keep having fun. Happy Independence Day!

  3. Dee permalink

    What fun! Love your view of Route 66. It does have historical value. Goes beyond Texas all the way to California. I want to drive the whole route. I have the pics from Winslow, AZ part of R.66. Are you familar with Jackon Browne singing “Standing on the Corner in Winslow AZ”? You might have grown up hearing on your parents playlist….my daughter sure did;-)
    I’m really enjoying your trip, thanks for sharing.

  4. Stephanie permalink

    I am proud to say that I have driven the entire Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica, CA and it was awesome! I loved being out on the open road and getting to see so much of our great country! And, you can actually see Tow Mater in a little town in Kansas! NO JOKE! He sits in front a cute restaurant/gift shop in Galena, Kansas!

  5. mike permalink

    LOVE Route 66 Soda. Bottled in Chicago and Calf and sold in-between on Route 66. They have a web site and sell via internet. There is a list of places to buy all along route 66 on the web site.

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