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Sears/Willis Tower in Chicago {day 7}

by allison on July 7th, 2011

While in Chicago we went to the world famous Sears Tower. Except it isn’t the Sears Tower anymore. It’s now the Willis Tower. I think this Willis clown has probably had lots of tomatoes thrown at him for changing the name of the building.

Up in the tip top left corner of this building are 4 glass boxes that jet out of the side of the building. Can you see them?

No? Let me zoom in. Now can you see them? Barely? Ya, we were inside those boxes while on our Willis Tower tour. But more on that in a bit.

The view of Chicago from this sky rise was breathtaking. I’m terrified of heights, and my legs were trembling just going up the elevator, but I didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity, so I went up. And even though I wouldn’t go anywhere near the edge, the view was like no other.

Here’s Lake Michigan. All those little white dots in the water aren’t seagulls. They are huge sailboats!

Check out all these buildings. I love views like this!

Travis had absolutely zero issues with stepping into a glass box jetting out of the side of a building, more than 100 stores above ground.

Neither did Ben…

Travis thinks he’s king of the world.

Kinsey was very scared at first, but she eventually scooted her bum out onto the glass.

And then she shocked us all when she stood up and touched the outer wall. She’s so big!

Here’s a great one of Ben, Lake Michigan, and Chicago.

Look! I was actually there! Terrified, but I did it. Notice how there aren’t any pics of me on the glass floor? Ya, there was no way I was going to step out on that!

Another great view:

Here’s one zoomed in of the sail boats on Lake Michigan and also the big park. They were having a big festival that day with tons of food (not free). It was fun to be out with so many people.

Up next, the bean.

Catch up on our road trip here.

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  1. Olga permalink

    Soooo cool! Im not “too” afraid of heights but stepping out into that glass box would of caused a “Charrrrr” in my undies LOL.
    Im glad you guys are enjoying your trip & we are all on the trip with you “vicariously”

    Enjoy & keep showing us pics 🙂

  2. I’m deathly afraid of heights too. The first time I went to Seattle I wouldn’t go in the Space Needle. Another time, when I had my daughter with me, she begged to go in it. I was scared to death and even walked to the outer part, but I was glad when we finally went down the elevator. I don’t know how tall the Needle is to the Sears Tower but it’s high enough. What’s really scary are the cliffs at Big Sur. I think they are 1000 feet high. My husband and I drove down the coast on our Honeymoon. He kept on driving to the side to let other drivers pass. I was freaking the whole time. lol

    • That’s one place that we haven’t been yet that we would like to go – Seattle. I’ve been to Oregon and Washington on business twice, but haven’t been to Seattle. To give you an idea of how they compare:

      Seattle Space Needle Observation Deck: 520 ft
      Sears Tower Skydeck: 1353 ft
      CN Tower: 1122 ft
      CN Tower Skypod: 1465

      We haven’t blogged about the CN tower that we went to in Toronto yet, but you’ll get that soon!

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