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The amazing reflective bean {day 7}

by allison on July 7th, 2011

While in Chicago we also went to Cloud Gate in Millennium park, aka the huge β€œbean”.

Check out our huge bag of Garrett popcorn I’m holding. That stuff is the bomb.

I read that it is quickly becoming the most recognizable monument/landmark in Chicago. I’m not surprised. Look how cool it is!

The bean is so cool and so fun to photograph, so bear with me as I unleash my artistic {in}abilities with the camera on all of you.

The entire bean is reflective. It also curves up in the middle so you can walk through it.

Seriosuly. Isn’t this the coolest thing ever? If I lived anywhere near Chicago, and I was getting married I would so take my wedding portraits out in front of it. How fun would that be?!!

I had fun trying to get the actual buildings and the reflection of the same buildings into the photo.

And how fun is this picture of the kids? Normally laying on the ground in public is kind of taboo unless you are homeless, but at the bean, anywhere you look people are doing the weirdest contortions trying to get good reflections of themselves. It quickly became a game with the kids to see just how weird they could make their reflections.

Here’s me with Ben, doing what Ben has done for more than half this trip: Checking into Gowalla, a program that uses GPS to pinpoint his location, then checks that he’s been there, and then posts it on his facebook profile. He’s kind of obsessed with it. Every place we go, we wait while Ben checks in. πŸ˜‰

After Ben was finally done checking in πŸ˜‰ we had some fun with the bean and the chicklets.

Finally, we were thirsty. So we thought it was fitting to go get Vanilla BEAN frapps from Starbucks. So yummy!

And then, because the bean is just that much fun, we went back for some night photos.

Good times. Chicago was so much fun! And there is so much to do there. We have already added it back onto our list of places to go, but next time, we are staying for several days instead of just one.

Up next, Detroit and Toronto.

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  1. great pic of chicagos bean Love the night time one! I had never seen that before it is spectacular Have fun!

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