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How To Fix Sound on PS3 Games

by Ben Hepworth on August 10th, 2011

ps3So I got home from work today and the kids were playing Lego Harry Potter on the PS3. They were really excited to show me one of the levels. As they began to show me, I noticed immediately that there was no sound. At first I thought they just had the volume turned down. I asked them to turn it up so I could hear and Travis replied, “Oh, the sound doesn’t work. But that’s ok, we’re used to it.”


I made him save his game and hand the controller over to me. Out came my phone along with Google. There were a ton of responses for how people have fixed this issue of no sound on the ps3 during games. In my case, I’m running the HDMI cable from the PS3 directly into the TV. I know it’s not a problem with the HDMI-in on the TV because the video and sound works when I play a Blu-Ray on the PS3. That also eliminates the HDMI cable as the problem child. The only thing left was the PS3 itself. The clicking on the menus was audible, but there was just no sound when playing a game. I tried messing with the Audio settings, including telling it manually to use HDMI for the sound output like some had suggested online. No dice. I finally found one comment nested pretty deep inside of a forum. Here is what I eventually did to fix the PS3:

  • With the PS3 off, hold down the power button.
  • After the first beep, continue to hold the power button.
  • Continue to hold until you hear a second single beep then release.
  • Press and hold the power button again until you hear 3 short beeps then release.
  • Then press it one more time until you hear 3 short beeps then release.

This triggers the PS3 to auto-recognize the HDMI cable and asks you if you want to use it for both video and audio. I clicked through the few screens and now sound works everywhere, including games. Note: the 3 beeps are close together. Here is a video I made of the process:

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    Thank you very much, this was extremely helpful

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    Omg thank you sooo much for this helpful post!!!
    I should’ve checked two hours ago

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    Thank you so much this was extremely helpful unlike the other ways this actually worked

  4. fleegaleegalaga permalink

    Wow. This actually fixed my problem. Thank you.

  5. Cody Ypung permalink

    Thanks for the help. On mine though, it was just one then two and that fixed it. But thanks for the help.

  6. This actually worked thanks

  7. Bry permalink

    Thankyou this was extremely helpful….i rang the shop i bought the console from and not even they knew what to do 🙂 thankyou soo much

  8. andrew permalink

    Dude you a legend this helps so much. You would think it would recognise it automatically but now problem has been solved


  9. Latonia permalink

    Thanks!! Saved lots of time.

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    Thanks alot!!! It worked. so happy

  11. Matt permalink

    Beautiful thank you I was getting ready to send the PS3 out the window

  12. Siri permalink

    There’s an option under display settings to setup the hdmi that worked for me.

  13. Heather permalink

    Thank you , wow can’t believe I was able to work this out so easily, I thought the PlayStation was stuffed!
    Thank you for sharing it with all of us 😀

  14. Brendan Sperry permalink

    I thought my PS3 was permanently screwed!
    I can’t thank you enough!

  15. Youssef permalink

    thanks alot man, works perfectly

  16. C & C permalink

    Thank you, thank you!!! This was best help and fixed problem instantly. My husband was about to throw the PS3 out the window. Thanks again for taking your time to help us all

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    💖💖💖💖 this helped so much thank you 💖💖💖💖

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    Thanks bro u r the awesomest this is 100% successful

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    Thank you for this simple, easy to understand fix! Much appreciated!

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    Thank you!!!!

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    Awesome Thanks

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    Amaaaaaaaazing!!! Thanks so much for your help!!!

  25. SumNAsh permalink

    This was exactly the solution to our problem. Thank you soooo much. We just plugged it into a new tv and I couldn’t figure out why the sound wasn’t working which I am usually good at figuring those out. Well that puts another one in my knowledge books. Thanks again!

  26. Jason permalink

    Thanks my and my brother really need help

  27. Sydney B. Sapno permalink

    Thank you so much.

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    Thanks a lot man, people like you are what makes the Internet great!

  29. Thank u soooooo much!!! This was very helpful 🙂

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    This was extremely helpful and useful. Thank you so much.

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    You saved my life dude!!!

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    U da real MVP man 🔝

  35. Nahid permalink

    After the second beep and then I press and hold the button again I still don’t hear the three beeps it just turns off

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    Thanks alot it worked!!

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    Thanks Very Much!

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  39. Julie permalink

    Awesome! This works! I only waited for three short beeps once, and it was fixed!

  40. Hey it worked for me! one slight difference, it popped up on my screen asking about audio for the HDMI thing. Still worked. And thank you so much!

  41. Jay permalink

    Dude it didnt even work. What the hell is going on with my ps3.

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    Oh my gosh thank you so much this worked and I had tried everything

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  44. Bigd permalink

    You could go to the sound input and trun it off and on

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    You are awesome!!! Thx for posting this, you saved my night !

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    This actually works and resolved my issue so quickly, thank you 🙂

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