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How To Fix Sound on PS3 Games

by Ben Hepworth on August 10th, 2011

ps3So I got home from work today and the kids were playing Lego Harry Potter on the PS3. They were really excited to show me one of the levels. As they began to show me, I noticed immediately that there was no sound. At first I thought they just had the volume turned down. I asked them to turn it up so I could hear and Travis replied, “Oh, the sound doesn’t work. But that’s ok, we’re used to it.”


I made him save his game and hand the controller over to me. Out came my phone along with Google. There were a ton of responses for how people have fixed this issue of no sound on the ps3 during games. In my case, I’m running the HDMI cable from the PS3 directly into the TV. I know it’s not a problem with the HDMI-in on the TV because the video and sound works when I play a Blu-Ray on the PS3. That also eliminates the HDMI cable as the problem child. The only thing left was the PS3 itself. The clicking on the menus was audible, but there was just no sound when playing a game. I tried messing with the Audio settings, including telling it manually to use HDMI for the sound output like some had suggested online. No dice. I finally found one comment nested pretty deep inside of a forum. Here is what I eventually did to fix the PS3:

  • With the PS3 off, hold down the power button.
  • After the first beep, continue to hold the power button.
  • Continue to hold until you hear a second single beep then release.
  • Press and hold the power button again until you hear 3 short beeps then release.
  • Then press it one more time until you hear 3 short beeps then release.

This triggers the PS3 to auto-recognize the HDMI cable and asks you if you want to use it for both video and audio. I clicked through the few screens and now sound works everywhere, including games. Note: the 3 beeps are close together. Here is a video I made of the process:

  1. Chris bulmer permalink

    Yr a DIAMOND! TRUE LEGEND! Thank u greatly!

  2. Zeke N permalink

    Oh my god, thank you kind sir. I had just stopped using my Turtle Beach PLa’s so the audio was screwed up. This just saved a life. Thank you sir ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. Kyle permalink

    Worked for me. Thanks!! :)

  4. Dean permalink

    THANK YOU!! I was beginning to think the system was just broken. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

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    Thanks man. This was so frustrating!

  6. THANK YOU! Works perfect now. 😀

  7. stephen permalink

    You sir are a Leg-end thank you!!

  8. Sarah permalink

    Thanks! I was playing without sound for a month I feel silly

  9. fixed. thanks dude!

  10. Rob permalink

    Nice one thank you

  11. Thank god these people out there thanks boss

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    Many thanks for sharing!


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    Thanks, your the best

  14. Alexander lillerup permalink

    Omfg i have ben trying to fix this for a while…
    Cannot tank yoy enough

  15. thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnk uuuuuuuuuu I thougt my new TV was broken =)

  16. sean permalink

    You Sir, are an effing hero !

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  18. Maddest dawg permalink

    Yeah dude you are fully the Benghazi right now ma Man you just shredded PS3s narkeleptic vibes bro fully ranchus my dude

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    Dude you are awesome man

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    Absolutely true!!! Thanks!!

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    Thanks a lot! :)

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    Fantastic – very much appreciated :)

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    Years later and still help full… awesome!

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  26. Andy permalink

    Thank you for this post!

    Here I am 3.5 years on from this originating with this very problem and this has resolved it.

    Greatly appreciated

  27. Luis Madueno permalink

    Genious it works!

  28. andrew permalink

    You sir are a legend!

  29. ACE13 permalink

    Thnx so much this was very helpful. Worked perfectly the first time. I have sound again

  30. John bennett permalink

    Many thanks worked a treat , now kids are happy again

  31. kazius permalink

    I love you

  32. Ben permalink

    Thank you so much you are the best this has happened a few times now and I thought my TV was retarded but thanks you fixed everything mate

  33. Dude permalink

    You da real mvp!

  34. nate permalink

    You are a start

  35. doude123 permalink

    Thank you. Problem Solved you are a life safer……

  36. LayLowSim permalink

    Thanks! It worked. I was playing COD and all of a sudden it went silent. I went nuts checking settings, cable connections, restarts……no luck. Not until i read this blog! :)

  37. gag permalink

    I’m not the first, and I guess i definitely won’t be the last but thank you so much !

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    Thanks so much for sharing, my seven year old was delighted and so was I!

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    4 years has passed and you’re still saving lives with this post

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    Ill kiss ur face m8, ty bby ily 5ever.
    But nah in all honesty thanks heaps

  45. mark permalink

    YOUR A STAR!!! went 2 months with no sound, being told it would cost money here and there to fix the ptoblem. With your tip, i sorted the problem in seconds!! I take my hat off to you sir.

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