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How To Fix Sound on PS3 Games

by Ben Hepworth on August 10th, 2011

ps3So I got home from work today and the kids were playing Lego Harry Potter on the PS3. They were really excited to show me one of the levels. As they began to show me, I noticed immediately that there was no sound. At first I thought they just had the volume turned down. I asked them to turn it up so I could hear and Travis replied, “Oh, the sound doesn’t work. But that’s ok, we’re used to it.”


I made him save his game and hand the controller over to me. Out came my phone along with Google. There were a ton of responses for how people have fixed this issue of no sound on the ps3 during games. In my case, I’m running the HDMI cable from the PS3 directly into the TV. I know it’s not a problem with the HDMI-in on the TV because the video and sound works when I play a Blu-Ray on the PS3. That also eliminates the HDMI cable as the problem child. The only thing left was the PS3 itself. The clicking on the menus was audible, but there was just no sound when playing a game. I tried messing with the Audio settings, including telling it manually to use HDMI for the sound output like some had suggested online. No dice. I finally found one comment nested pretty deep inside of a forum. Here is what I eventually did to fix the PS3:

  • With the PS3 off, hold down the power button.
  • After the first beep, continue to hold the power button.
  • Continue to hold until you hear a second single beep then release.
  • Press and hold the power button again until you hear 3 short beeps then release.
  • Then press it one more time until you hear 3 short beeps then release.

This triggers the PS3 to auto-recognize the HDMI cable and asks you if you want to use it for both video and audio. I clicked through the few screens and now sound works everywhere, including games. Note: the 3 beeps are close together. Here is a video I made of the process:

  1. Tom permalink

    I broke my own rule and didn’t google this problem earlier…just dropped $100 on a basic sound bar to try to fix the problem…It didn’t…time to make a return to Best Buy

  2. Angie permalink

    Yes this really works thank you so much(:

  3. Gaurav Singh permalink

    It’s really works.thanks

  4. Shawna Castano permalink

    Thanks so much! It worked

  5. Kendra permalink

    Thanks, this was a quick solution to our problem that totally worked!

  6. Thank you very much for this. It really worked.

  7. Terrilee permalink

    Omg thank you worked

  8. Robert Kotoff sr permalink

    Thanks work great

  9. Nigel permalink

    It works really well. Thank you so much

  10. Tarun Chaudhary permalink

    Thanks a lot

  11. Sam permalink

    Fantastic!!!! Great solution 🙂

  12. Christian permalink

    Thank you SO MUCH, that worked, and it’s the only solution i’ve found online that has worked, i have 2 TVs that i play on, the one in my living room and my room, my room the audio didn’t work, but it did in the living room, but this fixed the problem in my room, so thanks!

  13. Anime lover permalink

    Amazing, ur a god

  14. Thank you thank you, it works now

  15. Hayley Morrison permalink

    Thanks for the advice it worked! I had sound from everything except my game. I had just moved my ps3 to a new TV, don’t know if that was the problem but this fixed it thank you!

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  17. Kjp permalink

    This didn’t work at all I’ve tried it three times now the audio for my games still isn’t working

  18. Kjp permalink

    Try turning the hdmi control setting back on I got sound immediately afterwards

  19. Bsbygirl19 permalink

    Actually worked! Thanks

  20. Nour permalink

    THANKKKS this totally worked finallllly i was so pissed

  21. Josh permalink

    Mid-2017 and this is still effective. Fixed a PS3 having no game audio after moving to a new TV.

  22. Brett Rhodus permalink

    Nice it worked i can finally play MGS Peace Walker

  23. Greg permalink

    Thanks!! Really works, I assume the problem is when you use it on a new TV.

  24. Karen permalink

    Thank you, just tried this an it’s fixed (July 2017)

  25. anderson permalink

    Muito bom, funcionou br br

  26. Charlie permalink

    I’ve tried everything even this method 3 or 4 times now and there is still not sound. There is sound on the home menu (the clicking noise) but as soon as I go onto the game (black ops 2) the sound goes…. someone help please it’s irritating me now lol

  27. Thanks, I had brought my PS3 to a friend’s house and the sound stopped working inside games/apps when I brought it home. This fixed it.

  28. jay permalink

    thanks so much it acctually really helped

  29. Jaime Quintana permalink

    omg thank you so much. I was trying to play black ops 2 and the volume didn’t work. Was about to spend 20 dollars.

  30. Rohan permalink

    did not work for me 🙁
    anyone got another solution plz????
    plz help me. it’s soooooo f*****g frustrating

    • Johnnie permalink

      I didn’t work for me either. Any other solution?

  31. Jb1990 permalink

    OMG this worked! I was thinking it was a long shot since I didn’t make sense to me that it only doesn’t transmit audio for games, but it worked

  32. Booboo Philips permalink

    Thank you, I was so perplexed by this but now I can hear my dark souls and am happy.

  33. Kym permalink

    Worked a treat! Thanks Buddy!

  34. Miguel permalink

    Just did it!!!!!! Awesome!! Thank u so much. Love from portugal

  35. John permalink

    I fricken love you.

  36. J. Schmidt permalink

    Fantastic! Thank you

  37. My power button is broken, what now?

  38. Shebin permalink

    Thank you very much for the tip….
    it really works….

  39. Adriano Americano permalink

    Thanks! Followed directions, works perfectly.

  40. Reward permalink

    Thanks man am grateful

  41. zeeshan khan permalink

    thank you sooooo much its works like a charm

  42. Thanks so much

  43. Sheva permalink

    This worked for us. Just got a new to us used PS3. In the living room we had picture, but no audio. In the bedroom we had audio but no picture. Now everything works the way it is supposed to.

  44. Zunaid permalink

    Thanks man.. Really worked

  45. Sam permalink

    So borderlands wasn’t working on my ps3 and this is one of the articles to show up on google. The only one that helped! WORKED LIKE A CHARM. Thank you!!

  46. Thank you so much this worked amazingl

  47. Great information, worked a treat, thank you!!

  48. It is November 2017 and this trick is still true on the PS3! Earlier there was sound during the menu options but no sound once you begin the game. I was sceptical if this would work since there was already sound during the options but still gave it a shot and it worked!! Thanks for sharing this info!

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