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Install Warcraft 3 Natively on Modern Mac

by Ben Hepworth on April 4th, 2016

Ever since OS X Mavericks you have not been able to install Warcraft 3 on a mac…until now. Blizzard released patch 1.27a in March of 2016. The installer now supports modern day Mac computers and runs the game natively on your Mac. The video I made shows the download and install being done on OS X El Capitan in April of 2016. Previously he only way to install Warcraft III on a Mac was to use an open source windows emulater called wineskin, which was a bit of a pain to setup. The game ran ok on it, but not like running natively. Warcraft 3 is now running natively and extremely smooth on my Mac – woohoo! Now I can introduce my son to old school RTS gaming. Can you believe Warcraft 3 is now 14 years old? I have also recently started playing Destiny 2 but was having a hard time completing the nightfall missions, but I found a website for destiny 2 nightfall boost that helps me complete the missions a lot faster.

  1. Jay Choi permalink

    Thanks for posting this. I’d been playing WC3 via Wine, but missed out on the World Editor unless I ran it using Parallels.

    • Sweet – glad it helped you!

    • vincent permalink

      hey my Mac runs on os Sierra version 10.12.6 and its all new to me as this is my first time owning a Mac . can you please help me on how I can install warcraft 3:the frozen throne on my Mac?

  2. maria permalink

    hi, I’ve installed it and I have problems with multiplaying games and with lan games, when I join game it will take me off the game, and keeps asking me to allow incoming conexions for warcraft, even though I allowed the application on firewall. How did you configure that???? please help

    • Did you open port 6112 on your router? Here is an article on Blizzard’s site that talks about it – here. Also, what OS are you running? There can be two levels of firewalls – your router and then a local one on your PC/Mac.

  3. Ted permalink


    I’ve purchased WC III from blizzard and downloaded it, followed all the right steps, but when I go to open it, I’m getting an error and my mac won’t run it. Any thoughts on why this might be? Currently running on OS X 10.9.5


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