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Turning Off Apple Live Photos

by Ben Hepworth on August 15th, 2016

Why, oh why, would Apple introduce Live Photos with iOS 9? In my opinion it is one of the worst decisions ever made by Apple. Phil, come on. You are definitely smarter than that. Why would you want a small video clip with every single photo you take that includes audio? Before you read any further, please turn off Live Photos on your iPhone. Launching the camera app and click the yellow circle that is between the HDR and Timer button.

I made a quick video to show how to do this as well:

I discovered this by accident when I had posted a picture to Facebook. It had this yellow circle on it and said something like “Live Photo”.

I was like, “um, what’s that?”

I did a little Googling and found out that for some reason Apple thought it would be a good idea to turn still photos into “unforgettable living memories” that include what happened right before and right after the photo, INCLUDING AUDIO. I held down my finger on the picture, and sure enough, it was a mini video with audio.

Now there are tons of people who think they are sharing a photo with someone on Facebook, text, or whatever social media platform you prefer, when they are actually sending a small video – let me repeat – THAT INCLUDES AUDIO.

WTF Apple!

Talk about a privacy issue. Not to mention the fact that Apple turned it on by default for everyone when they updated to iOS 9. This should be an “opt-in” feature, not an “opt-out” feature. Yes, if you read about all of the features ahead of time, you could have know about this and been on the lookout for it – but who does that? I think I vaguely remember them announcing it, but it was one of those “um, ok – what’s the use case for that” kinda moments during the Apple event of Sep 2015.

Do you agree? The only valid use case I’ve found is one that my son showed me where you can take a live photo and put that as your lock screen. Then your lockscreen comes to life everytime you unlock it. Big fat whoop-dee-doo! I’ve waited 9 iOS releases for this feature – woohoo! Seriously though, what if you were having some sort of private conversation while snapping a quick photo and then sent it to a friend, not realizing that your audio was captured too? This one is almost as bad as the “Siri raise to speak” that was introduced in iOS 8…but that’s another topic for another blog post.

Peace out – and turn off your Live Photos for crying out loud!

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  1. Hey! You should inform better when posting something like this.
    When you share these live pictures on other platforms different than iMessage, the live picture is sent as a traditional picture (no video/sound included).

    • Not necessarily…if you post to Facebook, it will post it straight through and still be a live photo for other iOS users. Yes, if texting to an Android user over traditional SMS, it will just send the picture.

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